€ 2.5 billion (2014-2020)
  • Entrepreneurs, in particular in SMEs
  • Citizens who want to become self-employed and setting up their own business (e.g. young and women entrepreneurs)
  • Member States’s authorities (assisted in their efforts to elaborate and implement effective policy reform)
  • Facilitating access to finance for SMEs.
  • Creating an environment favourable to SME creation and growth
  • Encouraging an entrepreneurial culture in Europe
  • Incoraggiare una cultura imprenditoriale
  • Strengthening the sustainable competitiveness of EU enterprises
  • Supporting the internationalisation of SMEs and improving their access to markets


1. Access to finance for SMEs through dedicated financial instruments

Equity Facility for Growth:
Will provide venture capital to enterprises, in particular in their growth phase
Loan Guarantee Facility
Will cover loans up to 150.000 € (available for all types of SMEs)

Managed by the European Investment Fund in cooperation with financial institutions in the different Member States

2. Access to markets

  • All businesses have access to information and support services, in order to increase their competitiveness:
  • Free of charge information on EU legislation and participation in EU programmes
  • Assistance to find a business partner abroad: in the EU or worldwide
  • Support for innovation and technology transfer

Enterprise Europe Network: Gather more than 600 supporting organisations (chamber of commerce, technological centres, development agencies, …)

3. Supporting Entrepreneurs

Promotion of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture:

  • Entrepreneurship education – exchanges among European educators and trainers support best practice in entrepreneurship education
  • Improving the business environment so entrepreneurs can grow and flourish (including improving the legal and fiscal environment)
  • Role models and outreach to specific groups – groups such as young people, women or senior entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from mentoring or other tailored programmes

→ European Network of Mentors for Woman Entrepreneurs

→ Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs