€ 3.5 billion
Eligible entities: public and private bodies, private commercial organisations, associations, private non-commercial organisations (including NGOs)
Is the financial instrument supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects throughout the EU.

The programme aims at:

  • Contributing at moving towards a resource efficient economy, low carbon economy and resilient to climate change
  • Supporting the design and implementation of approaches to monitoring and assessment of the state of the environment and the factors, pressures and responses that impact on it
  • Contributing to the implementation, updating and development of European Union environmental policy and legislation and climate action
  • Contributing to the development and demonstration of innovative policy approaches, technologies, methods and instruments
  • Providing support for better environmental governance by broadening stakeholder involvement, including that of NGOs, in consultations on, and the implementation of, nature and biodiversity policy and legislation
  • Supporting the implementation of the 7th Environment Action Programme


  • Environment and resource efficiency
  • Nature and biodiversity
  • Environmental Governance and information


  • Climate change mitigation
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Climate change governance and information


Natural Capital Financing Facility (NCFF)

New financial instrument providing loans and investments in funds to support projects which promote the preservation of natural capital, including adaptation to climate change. The NCFF will finance pro-biodiversity and pro-climate change adaptation projects across Europe. The main aim of the NCFF is to demonstrate that natural capital projects can generate revenues or save costs, whilst delivering on biodiversity and climate adaptation objectives.

Private Finance for Energy Efficiency instruments (PF4EE)

The Private Finance for Energy Efficiency (PF4EE) aims to increase private financing for investments in energy efficiency enhancing projects. Its objective is therefore to support Member States in making progress in view of the EU’s agreed targets on energy efficiency.